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Golden Globe Race

Golden Globe Race

Show news Golden Globe entrants meet for the first time
15 skippers have assembled on the dock in Gijón, Spain
Posted on 9 Aug
Golden Globe, todos a Gijón, Spain
Gearing up for an unforgettable prologue and send-off to Les Sables
Posted on 2 Aug
Golden Globe Race: Dalton pressing on
Golden Globe Race: Dalton obtains medical course, and is about to start the qualifier
Posted on 22 Jul
Golden Globe Race participant chooses Seldén Mast
Ian Herbert-Jones will set sail on his epic voyage with a new Seldén rig
Posted on 18 Jul
18 starters for the Golden Globe Race 2022
Gijón and Les Sables d'Olonne preparing for the Prologue and the Race Village
Posted on 15 Jul
Just two months until the Golden Globe Race
The predecessor of the Vendée Globe will set off from Les Sables d'Olonne
Posted on 6 Jul
Golden Globe Race entrants struggle to make start
A respectable fleet will remain, for what is an extreme nine month challenge
Posted on 29 Jun
Gijón City & GGR partnership to host GGR Prologue
A week of activities in the Spanish Port City
Posted on 22 Jun
Mark Sinclair back to les Sables d'Olonne
Ending a 174-day solitary voyage at sea
Posted on 27 May
Golden Globe 2018 - one last finisher 3 years late
Captain Coconut should enter the Les Sables d'Olonne River around 1500hrs
Posted on 27 May
Golden Globe Race launch event at Scarborough
Guy Waites to give a talk, amidst club's special races and reception
Posted on 17 May
GGR entrants, three months to go!
No room for error as many set sail to the start
Posted on 11 May
Abhilash Tomy re-enters 2022 Golden Globe Race
A Navy commander who had previously sailed solo non-stop around the world
Posted on 23 Mar
Preparing for longest sporting event in the world
23 sailors from all over the world will embark on an adventure of a lifetime for more than 200 days
Posted on 16 Mar
Ocean Globe Race: Auckland on stopover shortlist
Auckland is competing with two Australian ports to host the Southern Ocean stopover for Ocean Globe
Posted on 10 Mar
Multi-crew circumnavigators register launched
This latest roll of honour currently lists 1,848 individual circumnavigations
Posted on 23 Feb
Preparing Sagarmatha for the Golden Globe Race
Guy Waites updates us on progress made in the chilly conditions
Posted on 15 Feb
Guy Waites to compete in 2022 Golden Globe Race
Yorkshire resident and Scarborough Yacht Club member
Posted on 8 Feb
Golden Globe Entrants sail halfway around world
South African Kirsten Neuschäfer, the only woman in the Golden Globe, halfway through 14,000nm sail
Posted on 27 Jan
Mark Sinclair sets sails to compete his GGR voyage
Golden Globe Race 2022 skippers and organizers are busy at sea, in the sheds, or at Paris Boat Show
Posted on 3 Dec 2021
Australian entrant in Golden Globe Race wrecked
Michael Davey (60) was wrecked in a gale after competing his qualifying voyage for the GGR
Posted on 7 Nov 2021
Boss is on holidays, the "A" team is taking over
Don McIntyre is about to go sailing!
Posted on 28 Oct 2021
Golden Globe Race team at Southampton Boat Show
Les Sables d'Olonne and the Golden Globe Race held a media briefing
Posted on 20 Sep 2021
365 days before return of the Golden Globe Race
26 skippers from 11 countries confirm their entry in the third edition
Posted on 2 Sep 2021
An epic feat of human endurance
Skipper Ian Herbert-Jones prepares for sea trials ahead of the 2022 Golden Globe Race
Posted on 11 Jun 2021
Guy Waites prepares for Golden Globe Race
Difficult shakedown voyage from Panama for Scarborough YC member
Posted on 29 May 2021
World capital of single-handed ocean racing
Les Sables d'Olonne is now preparing to welcome you for the next great adventures
Posted on 24 Mar 2021
Les Sables d'Olonne France official launch
28 entrants from 11 countries signed on
Posted on 23 Mar 2021
Damien Guillou & PRB enter Golden Globe Race 2022
Preparing to take up an extraordinary challenge
Posted on 19 Mar 2021
Cup news, Vendee Globe finishers, GGR 2022 update
Latest newsletter from Sail-World's David Schmidt in the USA
Posted on 2 Mar 2021


    Show photos from

    Gijón has proven itself the best possible place for the GGR 2022 Prologue.
    © Turismo Gijón / Ignacio Izquierdo
    Elliott Smith is off to the UK and Spain for survival and medical courses, while his team manager Josh Axler will be in charge of “Second Wind” in Les Sables d'Olonne.
    © Jean-Luc Lhomond
    The GGR fleet is gathering for the first time together in the Puerto Deportivo de Gijón.
    © Golden Globe Race
    The GGR participants and their team have received a warm welcome at the beautiful Real Club Astur de Regatas, of which they are honorary members for the Prologue week.
    © RCAR
    Gijón, the Asturian Capital is gearing up for intense festivities in the coming weeks while hosting the GGR Prologue.
    © turismogijon
    Pat Lawless left Ireland after a week-long send-off from family, supporters and friends.
    © Pat Lawless Team
    Left to Right: Mark Sinclair, Phil Galvin (Pat's Team), Pat Lawless, Guy deBoer and Arnaud Gaist, catching-up in Les Sables d'Olonne.
    © Arnaud Gaist
    GGR2022 Entrant Poster X 16 sailors.
    © GGR2022
    Claude Back, J-Y Pedelagrabe, Don McIntyre, André Hatin & Daniel Létévé in the GGR HQ.150 volunteers from Les Bénévoles des Olonnes and Les Bénévoles du Littoral Olonnais, will be manning the GGR Race Village from August 20 to September 4.
    © GGR2022
    Graham Dalton with his Golden Globe Race spinnaker
    © Graham Dalton
    Graham Dalton with his Golden Globe Race spinnaker
    © Graham Dalton
    The City of Gijón will host the GGR entrants for the Prologue throughout the celebrations of the Semana Grande.
    © Victor Estevez Gomez /
    Elliott Smith's Gale Force 34 “Second Wind” at Newburyport (USA) before setting sail across the Atlantic.
    © Elliott Smith Team
    Tapio Lehtinen chose to ship his yacht to Bilbao rather than sail her through the Baltic, Channel and Bay of Biscay.
    © Tapio Lehtinen Sailing
    Kirsten Neuschäfer (South Africa) has sailed an impressive total of 13000 miles solo on `Minnehaha` already before the start of the GGR 2022.
    © Kirsten Neuschäfer Team
    Guy deBoer, is currently mid-way in his transatlantic crossing heading to Gijón.
    © Guy deBoer Team
    The 2022 Race Village, opening on August 20th, will be bigger with and impressive programme leading to the start of the GGR.
    © Ville des Sables d'Olonne
    Golden Globe Race competitors
    © Sabina Mollart Rogerson
    Golden Globe Race
    © Jf.Brossier / Ville des Sables d'Olonne
    GGR 2022 Entrant Edward Walentynowicz (Canada) onboard his RUSTLER 36 `NOAH'S JEST`, Alantic Crossing.
    © Edward Walentynowicz
    Arnaud GAIST on France 3 Friday TV Show June 24 2024, final try to attract support for his GGR2022 Campaign.
    © Arnaud GAIST Team
    Kirsten Neuschäfer (South Africa) onboard her Cape George 36 `Minnehaha`.
    © Kirsten Neuschäfer Team
    Jeremy Bagshaw (South Africa) sailing his OE32 `OLLEANNA`, AFTER 52 DAYS, arrived Horta, Azores.
    © Jeremy Bagshaw
    GGR 2022 Entrant Michael Guggenberger (AUSTRIA) onboard his BISCAY 36 `NURI`
    © Michael Guggenberger Team
    GGR2022 Entrant Guy deBoer (USA) onboard his 1986 TASHIBA 36 `SPIRIT`.
    © Guy deBoer Team
    GGR Entrant Elliott Smith (USA) onbard his GALEFORCE 34.
    © Elliott Smith Team
    Guido Cantini aboard Hannah of Cowes the Vancouver 34. Due to personal issue, he had to retire from 2022 GGR, but he will participate in the 2026 GGR.
    © Guido Cantini / Hannah Racing
    Galiana's team is largely made up of a new generation of sailors.
    © Tapio Lehtinen Sailing
    Adventure Class Finland Entry Tapio Lehtinen Sailing Team with Galiana Sailing before the refit.
    © Ville Norra
    Tapio and OGR 2023 crews behind, sitting with local optimist sailors, future crews for OGR 2031 !
    © Aïda Valceanu
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