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TridentUK Dinghy Stacker For Towing - Laser or Topper

TridentUK Dinghy Stacker For Towing - Laser or Topper

Excellent product for towing two boats on a normal single trailer.

- 2 Lasers
- 2 Toppers
- or 1 Laser with 1 Topper on top

This dinghy stacker allows you to carry two lasers on a standard trailer safley and securely. Also allows

It works in a similar manor to the Lazy bones spar carrier, but is wider offering giving more support and contains four parts, so you place the supports on the boat, place the spars on top, followed by the remaining supports and then the second boat.


- Allows two standard Lasers to be transported on a normal trailer.
- Will hold 8 spars in between the boats.
- Made from foam, giving the best protection to your boats. 2014 BOTTOMSeafarer 3_Bottom 728x90pxLloyd Stevenson Catalyst 45 728x90px1 BOTTOM