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A Few Rays – Sunscreen with no preservatives – brilliant!

by 23 Nov 2018 16:54 NZDT 23 November 2018
A Few Rays - Sunscreen with no preservatives © IndepthSkinCare

Sunscreen with no preservatives, why this is great?

If your sunscreen has no preservatives in the formulation it will be much more skin friendly than traditional screens. However, the vast majority of sunscreens are water based and require the addition of preservatives in order to keep them microbe free and usable for longer.

Scientific studies show that some people will react to preservatives in cosmetics, and other skincare products. Such is the concern - there has been a need for guidelines to be developed and published by the American FDA and other such global bodies for safe levels of preservative use. And while product manufacturers adhere to these mandatory standards the issue remains that preservatives are still an allergy irritant - and in particular will nearly always sting cuts, grazed skin or eyes regardless of skin type.

Our question is: How can a sunscreen avoid the need to use preservatives?

Microbes such as moulds, yeasts and bacteria can’t grow in an anhydrous (water free) product. So when a sunscreen is made without using water, the product becomes sterile by its nature. That product doesn’t need preservatives as they are not required in the formulation as the product will not suffer from microbial degrading.

Therefore sunscreen that is made without using water is sunscreen that does not need or use preservatives.

Experience shows a preservative free sunscreen is rightly called a skin friendly sunscreen because it does not cause irritation or stinging of sensitive skin. Sensitive skin includes areas of broken or open skin or ‘skin under repair’ and of course eyes. Anhydrous hypo-allergenic, preservative-free products are the ones most likely to help you if you suffer from an allergy to sun-care products.

And just in case you did get caught out in the sun “yesterday” and have suffered some degree of sunburn or skin damage - using an anhydrous (water free), preservative free, moisturising sunscreen product is one of the best options to soothe damaged skin and offer ongoing sun protection for the new day.

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