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Honda Marine offer two great deals for the coming Summer boating season

by Drew Thompson 17 Sep 2019 22:08 NZST 17 September 2019
Honda BF4 starting - Honda Marine have two great deals for the start of the Summer boating season © Honda Marine

Honda Marine has a range great offerings during September and October to help get your transom sorted for summer.

Starting with the famous ‘Honda Marine Free Rigging’ deal, where you get your rigging kit for free! The deal applies to all new Honda Marine outboards 115HP and above sold through a Honda Marine dealer up until October 31st. All you need to do is get in touch with your local Honda Marine dealer and they will sort you out with over $3000 worth of rigging kit for free. Find out more here:

There is also a great offer for anyone looking to buy a new Honda Marine outboard 100HP and under. With fuel prices constantly in the news, Honda Marine are doing their bit to help you out. Not only are our outboards extremely fuel efficient, but if you buy a new Honda 100 and under, we will give you free fuel to go along with it - double the fuel savings! It works like this; for every 1HP you buy, we will give you $10 worth of fuel. Buy a new Honda BF2.3, you will get $23. Nothing to sneeze at and given the fuel economy of that engine, it will run a long time. However, buy a Honda BF100 and you will $1000 worth of free fuel! Now that is going to run your Honda outboard for a long time, but you can always put the fuel in the car to tow the boat to the ramp. You can find out more about the free fuel offer here:

The final offer Honda Marine has available for you is the opportunity to win a fishing trip with TV show hosts Scott & Mig from Fishing and Adventure. Simply purchase any new Honda 40HP and above and you could be on your very own full days fishing trip with NZ’s favourite fishing adventurers. The trip is set for November 19 - it’s a Tuesday so you will need a day off work, so if you need permission from your boss get in touch with your local Honda Marine dealer and they will help you out. If your boss won’t let you, it’s a trip for 2 so maybe invite them along? Get your new Honda and then get your entry in here:

You can see Scott & Mig in person at the Auckland On the Water Boatshow from October 3rd to 6th on the Honda Marine stand TW107. The event has moved from the Viaduct Events Centre, across the drawbridge to Te Wero Wharf. A select range of the top selling Honda Marine outboards will be on display as well as several Honda Powered boats in the marina.

All of the above promotions end on October 31 and are only applicable to new Honda Outboards purchased from a Honda Marine dealer. Visit . to find out more about our range of outboards.

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