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Saffier 728 x 90px SE27 Leisure TOP

Saffier Yachts AustralAsia Ltd Saffier Yachts AustralAsia Ltd
Saffier are the worlds largest designer and builder of luxury day sailing and weekend yachts. They have built their reputation on designing and building beautifully built, seaworthy yachts.

The focus is always on the sailing experience, with large cockpits and comfortable, modest accommodations. The cockpits are ergonomically laid out giving full control from the helm of all functions for simple sailing pleasure, making it easy to head out for a sail at a moment's notice, either with friends or single handed.

These are not floating caravans, or stripped out racers, but beautiful yachts that sail brilliantly.

Dutch built, Saffier have 8 yachts in their line-up, sitting between 6.5 and 12 meters, they offer a Classic (SC) range, which as the name suggests are classically styled yachts, with modern underwater packages. While the Elegance range (SE) are contemporary styled and very fast.

The latest model the SE27 is definitely performance focussed, with a plumb bow and 2.6-meter beam, and weighing only 1900 Kgs she is fast on all points of sail, and planes readily.
With nearly forty SE27 yachts ordered - (before the first yacht has been delivered) they have definitely got the recipe right as can be seen in the attached video of her hitting 20 knots in stormy conditions.

The SE27 is equipped with a 4.0 KW Torqeedo electric drive for when the wind dies, (or manoeuvring in the Marina) which Is good for approx.