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TIWAL New Zealand and Australia TIWAL New Zealand and Australia
Why should getting on the water take so much time, money and maintenance?

The Tiwal is a low maintenance sailing dinghy that packs down to two bags that can be easily stored and inflated to have you on the water in 20 minutes.  
The TIWAL Sailing Dinghy is designed and assembled in France. There are over 1700 TIWALS sailing around the world including the original TIWAL 3, the TIWAL 2 designed for cruising boats, and to be launched soon, the TIWAL 3 racing model.  
The TIWAL 3 has a rigid, self-draining planing hull and a hiking frame which gives you the real sailing experience, ideal for beginners OR experienced yachties.  Choose between a 7m Sail, a 5.2m Sail or a Reefable Sail.
The TIWAL 2, is also a rigid dinghy, but smaller and lighter with soft sides. It also has the option of a Furling sail to leave rigged at anchor or a Reefable Sail which reefs from 6m to 4.8m.

"Well thought out in every detail at every level. The sensations are good and the boat is well balanced. The hull shape is right also ... it is a great feat to manage that with an inflated hull." G.Verdier, Emirates Team New Zealand Naval Architect.

AWARDS: The TIWAL 3 won the American Sail World Magazine’s Award for best Innovation back when it was designed in 2013.  
The TIWAL 2 won Best Dinghy in Sail World Magazine’s awards in 2020 and the American Sail Magazine Best Boats Award in 2020.

How do you get into a TIWAL?
1. Book a Trial
2. Have a TIWAL delivered to your door
3. Go sailing in 20 minutes

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