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A Few Rays – Hypo-allergenic sunscreens, a must have for some

by Indepthskincare on 31 May 2017
Moisturiser based sunscreens do not need to use preservatives which are commonly linked to skin allergies. Indepthskincare
Allergic reaction to sunscreen can be avoided if you know what to use

A standard hypo-allergenic sunscreen will be designed to reduce the chance of allergic reaction by limiting ingredients in the formulation that cause the irritation. If you are one of the people who doesn’t wear sunscreen through fear of having an allergic reaction, you may be cautiously trying different sunscreens that claim “hypo-allergenic.

However almost any product that has water in the formulation must have some preservatives. This includes the vast majority of sunscreens. The most common of preservatives used have all been linked to skin allergies.

There is an option for real allergic sufferers. When a sunscreen is manufactured without the use of water in the formulation then preservatives are not required at all to act against microbial infection. Such a product is the most likely to be truly hypo-allergenic because the chance of allergic reaction due to preservatives becomes zero.

It therefore is not surprising that a sunscreen with no preservatives in the formulation is an excellent choice of sunscreen for people with sensitive skin. That same sunscreen is good for cuts, broken skin, or recovering sensitive areas of skin. It is also not going to sting your eyes.

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If you are interested to look at this further, a little later on perhaps do a “Google” search on words like: “cosmetic ingredients causing allergic reactions”.
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