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A Few Rays – Moisturising, Anti-Aging Action …

by Indepthskincare on 8 Jun 2017
Afewrays13 Indephskincare .
Consistent moisturising sun protection has an anti-aging action

Out on a boat, sailors are exposed to extreme conditions for their skin. There are UV rays from the sun, hopefully some wind if you are a sailor, and the drying effects from wet and dry cycles during the course of your day.

Plus a sailor can be out there for a long time, especially in the bigger boats going offshore.

Sun protection is a definite must do and part of that protection is great sunscreen. A moisturising sunscreen is helping the skin feel great during the whole time. Wearing such a moisturising sunscreen is especially felt by the sailor as they return to the beach and their face in particular feels comfortable and just great.

A lot of moisturisers act by conditioning the skin and allowing hydration of the skin from inside-out. A sunscreen with an effective moisturising base allows this self-hydration to occur as well as protecting from the UV rays coming from the sun.

Over time, consistent use of both an excellent moisturiser combined with high performance broad spectrum sun protection amounts to an effective anti-aging action. If you can prevent damage by the harsh conditions sailing presents, the skin will be less likely to ‘age’ in appearance.

And all the time the moisturising helps to keep your skin feeling great.

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