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A Few Rays – What to know about your skin?

by Indepthskincare on 6 May 2017
A few rays - In depth skin care Richard Gladwell
Skin has evolved over the millions of years to keep water outside of the body out, while keeping the moisture we have in our body in.

That’s a good thing right? – So we don’t blow up every time we take a swim or go out in the rain. Likewise so we don’t dry up in the sun.

Skin is the largest and fastest growing organ of the body.

As sailors, we need to find the way to get out there sailing, as much as possible, while feeling good in our skin as we know we are looking after ourselves. We put our respective skins into extreme conditions often and if we are not smart about it, it will cause ours to incur damage, potentially long term damage.

If we don’t take care, we can burn our skin, dry our skin, and over time create wrinkles in our skin and make ourselves look older than we really are. There can also be more sinister long term effects. So it’s really important to always do the best we can for our skin as we spend so many hours on the water.

So let’s do all the sun smart things, and that includes using really good sunscreen.

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