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A Few Rays - When you think of sunscreen as a filter....

by Indepthskincare on 25 Apr 2017
a few rays - when you think of sunscreen as a fliter - photo by @tofi Sail-world Richard Gladwell Insun
If a sunscreen is a filter of UV rays, how much is enough?

Where the skin is exposed and a sunscreen is working for you, it is filtering UV rays. Some of those rays always get through. The percentage of the high energy UVB rays (said to cause sunburn) that get through to cells in the skin can be determined by the claimed SPF of the product you are using.

Here is something worth knowing. If a sunscreen states:

· SPF 15, the manufacturer is claiming 93% of UVB rays are filtered.

· SPF 30, the manufacturer is claiming 97% of UVB rays are filtered.

· SPF 50, the manufacturer is claiming 98% of UVB rays are filtered.

So the truth is, if your sunscreen remains effective, that is it is long-lasting, the level of SPF protection you require will be maintained according to your needs. The thinking that SPF 50 is best is not true where that product may erode quickly from the skin. So with a mere 1% difference in UVB protection between SPF 30 and SPF 50 – think about what is really best for your skin – and stay sun smart.

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