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A few rays – no water, no way?

by Indepthskincare on 15 May 2017
InSunSport - Sunscreen that won’t wash off with spray or capsize … if only! Indepthskincare
Sunscreen that won’t wash off with spray or capsize … if only!

Let’s go back a bit.

Water is repelled by the skin. Thankfully so, or we would be in trouble when it rains, or when we swim or take a bath. If a sunscreen is made with water as the vast majority are, then by nature, the skin is doing its best to repel them.

Generally though manufacturers do their best to design sunscreens to stay on the skin despite this repulsion of the skin to water.

However, if a sunscreen does not contain water in the formulation, it can absorb into the upper dermal layers of the skin. Can’t rub off. It won’t dissolve in water so it won’t wash off easily while swimming. Doesn’t sweat out either. The sunscreen in this scenario would remain effective for long periods of time in the sun and in the toughest of conditions, such as when sailing.

And the added bonus will be that once this screen absorbs, in just a few minutes the skin will feel non greasy. Face and hands feeling soft and silky, not greasy and not slippery. An absorbing screen is invisible on the skin yet highly effective for a long period of time. This is the kind of sunscreen a sailor should use for a decent session out on the water.

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