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America's Cup - Predictwind has special weather data for Bermuda

by Nick Olson on 27 May 2017
Land Rover BAR (GBR) Practice Day, America's Cup 2017, May 25, 2017 Great Sound Bermuda Richard Gladwell
Looking for a definitive source of weather during the America’s Cup in Bermuda this coming month?

PredictWind has the perfect solution. With our four world leading weather models the trends for race day can be forecasted with more confidence than ever before. The proprietary PWG an PWE weather models cover Bermuda with 1km resolution forecast modelling, which is ideal for the small island nation. We also provide the 11km resolution ECMWF model and the 25km resolution GFS weather model for comparison.

PredictWind has five real time observations from weather stations in Bermuda that are updated every minute. Watching these observations can give you insights into the race strategy and what team is making the best of the conditions. The observations can be shown in actual time or animated and graphed over the past 48, 6 and 1 hour periods.

Available on the PredictWind Apps or the PredictWind forecast website.

Learn more at - I can't recommend Predictwind's Bermuda offering highly enough. It has been a vital part of understanding boat performance in Bermuda and the additional weather stations are a big step forward. It is surprising as to how much variation there is over the Great Sound, despit it being near land-locked, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and with little by the way of terrain to deflect the wind direction or affect the strength - Richard Gladwell 2014Predictwind - 2014