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Just a reminder...

by PHINSAF 20 Sep 2019 18:03 NZST
Approximately 4.5tn of the 6tn cigarettes consumed annually are littered © Eamonn McCabe

We were sent this by our friends at PHINSAF, in the Philippines. We all know this stuff, but a reminder doesn't hurt.

CIGARETTE BUTTS Cigarette butts are one of the most abundant types of garbage in the world's oceans and can take decades to break down. Never ever throw them into the sea – use an ashtray instead!

WASTE DISPOSAL & RECYCLING Marine debris not only harms important habitats and wildlife but can also damage your boat. Remember the 4 Rs: Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle – and clean up!

GO BEYOND PLASTIC Refuse single-use plastic. Say no to plastic dishes, glasses, cutlery and straws! For your meals, use only reusable or biodegradable and compostable dinnerware.

SPILL-PROOF FUELING Filling up fuel tanks is one of the most common ways to unintentionally pollute our seas, harming both animals and plants. Remember to pay attention!

CHECK WHERE YOU ARE When sailing, be sure to always check your charts and assess the bottom conditions before anchoring. Respect the Marine Reserves’ rules and do not anchor in sensitive areas like seagrass meadows.

SUSTAINABLE GALLEYS Make responsible choices when you’re shopping for groceries. Buy local products and ask for information about the sustainability and origin of the fish you’re about to eat.

SUNSCREEN Check the ingredients in your sunscreen. Avoid products that contain oxybenzone – it’s toxic to your health and to the environment.

CLEANING The cleaning products that you use onboard end up in the sea and can be harmful to marine life and the overall ecosystem. Be sure to use non-toxic and biodegradable soaps and cleaners.

MARINE WILDLIFE Remember: when you’re at sea, you’re a guest. To live an unforgettable experience with the wildlife you meet, keep a safe distance and an adequate speed so you can enjoy the wonders of nature.

BLACKWATER & ANTI-FOULING PAINT Don’t discharge black water into the sea – always use the pump out stations on the dock. Be sure to avoid copper-based antifouling paints and choose eco-friendly alternatives. They usually last longer!

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