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Tiwal: Hassle free Sailing for everyone - this boat fits all ages and sizes!

by Melinda Henshaw/Tiwal 8 Apr 13:17 NZST
TIWAL 2 with Reefable Sail sailed by owner Sarah, and her son on Lake Pupuke. © Melinda Henshaw

If you’re at that life stage when you don’t have a lot of free time for boat maintenance and preparation, but you’re itching to get on the water, the Tiwal may be the answer to your wishes!

With minimal maintenance time and easy to store in your garage or car, the Tiwal has you on the water in 20 minutes.

Marion Excoffon, in Brittany, France, asked her father if she could have the keys to the small family yacht. On hearing the answer ’No’ she went ahead and designed her own boat that she could slip out of her car boot and rig in 20 minutes. The idea has appealed to many people since.

Stephen is 75 years old, and his favourite way of 'getting away from it all' is learning to sail on Lake Taupo in his TIWAL 3.

Sarah, in her 40s, sails her TIWAL 2 with the Reefable sail for her health, wellbeing, family and freedom.

Lincoln, in his 40s, launches his TIWAL 3 from his cruising yacht for fitness and fun and loves giving his kids the freedom and independence to sail off on their own.

Jocelyn, in her late 60s, loves meeting other sailors while attending events in her TIWAL 3.

Jon, an ex-triathlete in his 30s, loves going fast and will only take his TIWAL out in over 18 knots.

Whether you are a champion or a learner, whether you want to rip through the waves or have a smooth sailing experience, there are plenty of options for the champion or cruising sailor. A boat which you can pull out of your car boot and get ready in 20 minutes might make you think twice about all that maintenance and time spent on other boats.

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The Ultimate Tiwal Ride Guide

Tiwal is the ultimate inflatable sailing dinghy that will have you on the water in 20 minutes. Whether you want to rip through the waves or have a smooth sailing experience, here are the top tips to get you going:

Smooth sailing conditions:

1. Sailing in less than 10 knots allows you to learn at your own pace without having to react to a strong gust of wind. When the wind is very light, ease the mainsheet and steer on a reaching course to gain speed before trying to steer upwind.

2. Where to launch Launching and retrieving is the hardest part of sailing. The surf makes it even harder to sail the right angle away from the beach. Onshore wind and offshore wind will affect the size of the waves on the beach and on the water. The amount of protection from nearby islands and headlands will determine how big the surf is on the beach. Choose a flat water area or if you are in a small surf be ready to pull in the mainsheet to power up the sail.

3. Avoid a dying wind and check the tides It’s a lot harder to get back to shore if you’re sailing against a strong tide in a dying wind. Look at the marine forecast and check if the wind is increasing or decreasing and check the tide tables for the region. Ask the locals about the local current patterns and to be safe, plan your sail so you are sailing back to shore in the same direction as the current.

4. Launching from a Harbour Watch out for harbour traffic where you need to give way to ferries and ships. Aim to stick to the right-hand side of narrow channels where possible.

Sailing fast:

1. If you want a fast planning experience in the Tiwal, conditions from 15-25 knots will provide plenty of adrenaline and fun. Use the smaller sail for windy weather.

2. How much is too much? Anything over 25 knots of wind is not very rewarding as there is too much power in the sail to comfortably manoeuvre your boat. The Tiwal is the most stable monohull dinghy around. The Tiwal can capsize in a strong breeze so move your weight from side to side when manoeuvring. If you do capsize, climb back on and keep sailing. Even the most senior sailors find it easy to get back on!

3. How do you get more power? The bigger sail gives you more power as it has more sail area. You will get on the plane quicker when sailing solo in a Tiwal but the Tiwal will sail in any condition and handles a heavyweight extremely well! 4. How do I get a long fast ride on the plane? Look for a nice piece of open water area with a steady wind. Shift your weight backwards or oversheet the mainsail if the bow digs in.

5. What conditions are ideal? Look for a forecast of between 5 and 20 knots and flat water or small waves. The Tiwal will handle anything so get out there and give it a go!

Wondering if the Tiwal is for you?

Send an email and book a free trial: Don't forget to ask for more tips if you are a beginner!