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C-Tech: New products developed from AC36; Club Swan 125; Infiniti52

by Anna Merchant 12 Jun 2021 13:34 NZST 12 June 2021
Te Rehutai, Emirates Team New Zealand - Winner - America's Cup 36 © Richard Gladwel /

Newly developed Sail Hardware, CCLR Mini and NALR22 

Forging Ahead Offering Sailors More

The last America's Cup cycle was different in almost every way from what anyone had seen before. With C-Tech involved with all four teams we were pushed to find performance improvements in unseen ways. Contrary to some concerns about the extreme AC75s not offering beneficial trickle down technology, C-Tech has already harnessed some of our recent experiences and are pushing this out to all boaties in the form of new products. C-Tech stays up-to-speed with the latest composite manufacturing technologies and is excited to announce that these products will be the first using BMC moulding technology where the parts are literally forged out of carbon fibre.

The new CCLR Mini is a culmination of what we learnt from the AC36 and working closely with industry requests to provide an improved solution to products not fit for purpose. This luff receptacle offers a multitude of advancements for boats 20-45ft using a bolt rope mainsail.

The design brief was to create a luff receptacle that was able to receive battens at varying angles for both pinhead and square top mainsails (becoming increasingly popular in the small to mid-size boat market).

The outcome is a product that can receive battens from 45-90 degrees from the luff. The receptacle is designed to rest against the mast track without wedging it open. The external carbon moulded shells clamp to the sail with titanium fasteners and the rounded front allows sail articulation without damaging the mast. The upsides on installation are that bumpers should not be required and the front is designed to run parallel with the luff so there is no trimming of carbon required. This can be mounted internally in the batten pocket or side mounted on the exterior of the sail.

All materials used are completely corrosion resistant so are perfectly suited to the marine environment. We believe this offers a significant step forward on anything available in the market for function, performance, weight, durability and price. This product has been proven in the testing arena of the 30+ft shorthand racing with very positive feedback. Available in an 8mm version suited for plate battens and an 11mm version suited for CT22s (hollow battens). 

The NALR luff receptacle has been a C-Tech staple to thousands of boats for over a decade. For the most part it has seen little change in design and material. However, you will now be able to get a carbon version which brings the product fully up to date with where the industry is headed.

The new moulded NALR22 is less than half the weight of the current product, a much smaller volume and retains the durability that is a trademark of C-Tech products. Two versions are available, to fit both M10 and M12 threads.

The pointed nose at the luff houses the mast car stud and makes it much easier to position on the sail for square top mainsails or for battens at acute angles.

The design houses blind fasteners so there should be no need to trim the titanium bolts. Like the CCLR Mini all materials are corrosion resistant. This new version will ultimately replace the standard NALR22 which will be discontinued on August 31st 2021, however will still be available on a custom item basis.

Current Projects


Club Swan 125

C-Tech has been working closely with North Sails on the ground breaking Swan 125 that recently launched at Nautor in Finland. This stands to be one of the most extreme superyachts made in recent memory and no doubt will go on create a legacy like the yard, designer and owner that conceived this bold project. 

Infiniti 52

Doyle Sails have put a lot of time into this new boat that harnesses the power of hydrofoils (DSS foil boards) in a more manageable package than the AC75s. C-Tech has also been along the journey with Doyle Sails to create a sail package that efficiently harnesses natures power in very wide range of apparent wind speeds. We look forward to seeing the boat on the water this summer.

Spirit 111

Whilst this boat has been on the water almost 12 months now it still represents a yacht of standout craftsmanship, design and consideration. C-Tech is working with John Barker of One Sails to improve the yachts racing inventory as she prepares for an exciting summer. Whilst the exterior of this boat may look somewhat simple the interior is a work of art. Take a look inside and indulge your creativity.



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