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AIS Vessel Positions data on PredictWind Offshore App to keep you safe offshore

by PredictWind 27 Jun 2022 22:17 NZST

PredictWind now offers AIS vessel position data, further enhancing boating safety for their users.

AIS is a system where boats that have an AIS transponder installed can automatically broadcast their vessel identity, real-time position, course, and speed, using VHF frequencies. These positions can be seen and collected locally and via satellite. PredictWind sources this AIS data through our partner SPIRE; a market leader in satellite AIS vessel position data. This gives access to 280,000 vessel positions around the globe at any one time.

At home or in the middle of the ocean, AIS data via PredictWind allows you to see what vessel movements are happening in your area of interest. A key safety feature that PredictWind has developed is the ability to download AIS data via satellite connection.

Until now, if you didn't have a land-based internet connection, you could only see vessels on AIS that were within VHF range (20-30Nm). Using the PredictWind Offshore App, via a satellite connection, such as the Iridium Go!, you can download AIS data in a 300Nm range. This gives users the ability to view and avoid highly congested commercial traffic routes, fishing fleets, or simply be able to see if it is going to be a busy watch on deck.

Recognizing that the AIS network is a great safety feature, PredictWind developed AIS aggregation in their DataHub product. This means that the DataHub collects any AIS vessel data within range of your transponder, then sends this data back to the AIS network, further increasing the quality and safety of AIS data worldwide.

Find out more about AIS on PredictWind below:

AIS vessel data is available on the PredictWind Forecast Website, PredictWind App or the Offshore App.

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