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C-Tech newsletter August 2022: European doors open…New Products

by Anna Merchant 5 Aug 2022 12:06 NZST 5 August 2022
The three challengers for America's Cup 2021, work up on the Waitemata January 8, 2021 © Richard Gladwell -

With a busy past few months we welcome the announcement of new destinations for both stock & staff! New product designs, product s 

Hello Europe!

With a busy past few months, we welcome the announcement of new destinations for both stock & staff! New product designs, product successes and product development!

Staff & Stock Now in Europe

Our staff member Alastair is now based in Europe for the foreseeable future and is setting up home in Spain. Resulting in easier sales, easier management, and easier communication for our Northern Hemisphere customers.

We are also holding batten stock in Europe to make purchasing and shipping faster. So don't hesitate to contact us!

CCLR Mini's Success

The CCLR Mini is the simplest and fastest bolt rope luff receptacle to install available on the market. With its success across the smaller classes, we are developing a version of the CCLR Mini for larger boats.

"The CCLR Mini's are a great addition to the C-Tech range. They are lightweight, low profile, robust and really easy to install. I would highly recommend!"

Cameron McCormick, Design, NORTH SAILS

JLR's - New Product!!

With the AC75s generating unseen apparent windspeeds came challenges with how to manage the batten in the headsails. Modeling showed that through the loads generated the battens would drive forwards excessively and more so as the sail was eased for downwind legs. C-Tech seized this opportunity to create a product that used this force to help drive the headstay toward the centerline and improve sail shape control particularly around the leading edge.

Enter the Jib Luff Receptacle, JLR, designed to transfer the load of a full length jib batten onto a head stay, either in a zip pocket or a hanked sail, it simply runs up and down the stay as you hoist and drop. These have now been resized for the conventional yacht racing market and trials on RC44s and Swan 50s have generated very positive feedback they quickly came back for more! We are currently working on a version for bolt roped headsails the development never stops!

NALR22 - Price Match

This little powerhouse keeps getting better - off the success of the first production batch we have invested further into the production process. Which now means the new kid on the block costs the same as the old bruiser. The feedback from the boats now using these for a while matches our bench testing on durability and strength. As you can see in the testing imagery below they can take some beating. Now you get a better, lighter and more compact product at a familiar cost. 

FTLTL22's- Product Update

The FTLTL22 is light-weight, low profile and simple to use. It is now available in both aluminium and acetal. A single acting hex head titanium screw allows for fine adjustment of sail tension around the batten. Popular with the TP52's, Fast 40's and other Grand Prix boats.



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