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C-Tech reflects on its start 25 years ago, and returns to its roots on "the farm".

by Anna Merchant 14 Apr 12:01 NZST 20 April 2023
The new C-Tech facility on the two left side images, and the initial building and offices on the right side images © C-Tech

Since its inception in 1997, C-Tech has undergone significant growth and development under the leadership of its founder, Alex Vallings.

Initially starting out as a fitter and turner, Vallings drew upon his sailing experience, engineering expertise, and comprehensive understanding of material properties to establish C-Tech as a superior composites manufacturer.

Over the years, C-Tech has continually evolved in the production of premium carbon composites, providing a wide range of products to customers across 97 countries. As a result of the companies success, they widened operations in 2010 during their move to a purpose custom-built factory that met all their manufacturing needs.

Recently, the staff at C-Tech had the opportunity to visit the 'farm' where it all commenced. Families and children joined the team for a full afternoon of activities and fun (on the now grassy property). The trip was a chance for employees to connect with the company's roots and learn more about its history. An experience that left a lasting impression on everyone who attended, highlighting just how far C-Tech has come over the past 26 years. It was a particularly special trip as the company was also celebrating it’s 4th employee to reach their 15-year anniversary, who all initially started working out on the farm and were then a part of the companies move to the factory on Rosebank Road.

Back in 1997, C-Tech was a small operation that was housed in a farm shed in West Auckland. It wasn’t until 2003, one of the most significant moments in the companies history, where Alex and Lyn signed the contract on behalf of C-Tech to become the exclusive batten supplier to both Defender and Challenger in the 2003 America’s Cup!!! This break through was HUGE and allowed the company to grow its operations evolving into a major player in the composite industry. And by 2007, all America’s Cup teams were using C-Tech SailBattens. The company has since led the market in battens and sail hardware worldwide.

C-Tech has continued their relationship with the America's Cup and has been a supplier for every AC event since, enabling the company to design and manufacture award-winning products. While roots remain firmly in the marine industry their race proven and composite expertise were ever growing and attracting exciting projects from across many industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial and aviation, where they are continually revolutionising the game.

Today, C-Tech is at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality carbon composites on a global scale. Supplying over 1000+ companies and now expanding its operations into the EU. C-Tech's continual commitment to its core values and principles, which include quality, innovation, and staff well-being, were emphasised on the visit and the company's growth is a testament to this commitment.

The farm where C-Tech started out is a far cry from the state-of-the-art factory that the company now occupies. One of the unique takeaways was the teams ability to create an innovative and efficient manufacturing process by utilising it's surroundings in a revolutionary way. This visit provided a remarkable opportunity to witness the company's origins and understand how its humble beginnings have shaped its success.

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