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Pocketspace Marine transforms interior and cockpit space layout and design for new or existing boats

by Pocketspace Marine 28 May 20:30 NZST 28 May 2024
Yachtshare Boat - Zen - Dufour 520 Grand Large - Pocketspace Marine Styling Project © PocketSpace

Pocketspace Marine is ready to take the New Zealand marine industry to the next level.

Pocketspace Marine offers a wide range of services within the market. From offering boat owners a cost-effective option to upgrade an existing boat, to designing an interior layout for an upcoming boat within the production line.

Pocketspace Marine is the one stop destination for marine interior design, and expansion offering the opportunity to transform interior and cockpit spaces into a personable design for the clients.

Founded in 2017, by Laura Heynike, parent company Pocketspace Interiors is an interior design business with the vision to empower clients with spaces that really work for them.

Seven years later Pocketspace Marine was launched, with Chloe Salthouse coming onboard as a Marine Specialist and Interior Design Graduate.

Part of the Salthouse boatbuilding and design dynasty, Chloe was raised in a boatbuilding and design environment and has been sailing and boating her entire life. After being exposed to an array of bespoke yacht designs it was a natural progression to combine this experience with her passion for interior and spatial design.

Like Pocketspace Interiors, Pocketspace Marine offers boat owners the same innovative and strategic creative design solutions. Utilising the challenges of maximising space that have been used for both residential homes and commercial workplaces.

Pocketspace combines their expert understanding of construction and materiality together with the knowledge of the latest innovations in storage and functionality to create custom solutions for design problems.

Laura has a Bachelor of Design, is a member of The Designer's Institute of New Zealand, a Member of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation, the National Association of Women in Construction NZ, and the Facilities Management Association of New Zealand.

"I love using my knowledge and skills to create vibrant, sophisticated and intelligent solutions to overcome design problems," Laura explains.

"After travelling to London, Paris and New York, I saw what could be done in both commercial and residential small spaces, and can specialise in helping clients make the most of their properties - no matter the size.”

"It is so rewarding to be able to see the value of investing in good interior design as I help clients to not only find contemporary solutions to their problems, but also create stunning spaces and provide innovative products they can be proud of, enjoy, and that enhance their lives."

Coming from a family with a tradition of excellence in practical marine design and boatbuilding, Chloe Salthouse is keen to combine her heritage with her passion for interior and spatial design.

"I strive to build a strong and personable relationship with clients to create a design that has extreme attention to detail and authentic craftsmanship," she says. "I am very keen to 'rock the boat' in terms of what is typically found in marine design; I feel there is so much room to expand and to create niche designs that are high class, and newly beautiful." - Chloe Salthouse

Laura's years of interior design expertise and her entrepreneurship, combined with Chloe's knowledge within the Marine Industry, means that Pocketspace Marine has come together to create a business that is dedicated to maximising space and committed to optimising every inch of any marine vessel.

For a boat that hasn't seen an update in a decade, or if an owner wants to branch out from the run-of-the-mill interior, then Pocketspace Marine is the perfect destination for comprehensive assistance. They don't want people to settle for the mundane design, Pocketspace Marine will immerse you in sheer luxury and functionality with their refined expertise.

They listen to your needs and work efficiently to create vibrant spaces that will inspire your everyday life.

No space is too small - or too big - for Pocketspace.

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