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Pocketspace Marine cabin 1456x180 TOP

Pocketspace Marine Pocketspace Marine

Let's Rock the Boat. Small Spaces, Big Impact: At Pocketspace Marine, we are dedicated space maximalists, committed to optimising every inch of your vessel. If your boat hasn't seen an update in a decade, you've landed at the perfect destination for comprehensive assistance. Don't settle for the mundane - immerse yourself in sheer luxury and functionality with our refined expertise.

Pocketspace Marine is your one stop destination for marine interior design. Revel in the transformation before considering an upgrade. Our approach merges problem-solving with opulence, presenting a harmonious blend that resonates with avid seafarers. We reshape lackluster corners into luxury, practical havens for our clients.

Each design reflects the essence of its owner, resulting in a bespoke masterpiece that speaks volumes. From updating your boat's upholstery, corroded handles, refreshing varnished surfaces, to re-fitting cabinetry. We strive for high quality craftsmanship with attention to personable details. We can create and style an interior space that you and your guest can really enjoy. We are here to help.